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Besides the service discovery protocol

I’'ve wrote a plugin for the wildfire, and registered it as a component. It needs the user to fill some fields by data forms. I know that the service discovery protocol can expose my component to the client. But since not every jabber client supports the sevice discovery, is there still any solutions for my component to be discovered by the client?

Hey Bear,

Currently most popular XMPP clients do support service discovery. Therefore, I would recommend, if possible, to switch to another client (e.g. Spark ) and avoid having to develop any custom workaround thus making the solution more complex.

AFAIK, service discover was the replacement of iq:browse and iq:agents. Wildfire does not support the old protocols so if you need to use an “old” client that doesn’‘t support service discovery you will have to 1) hardcode the component’'s address and indicate clients the address to use or 2) create a shared group with the component but your component needs to handle presence packets or will always appear as offline or 3) use a proxy service that advertises the address of other services (e.g. like an information desk).

Hope that helps.


– Gato