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Best choice of an older Intel CPU to run Openfire?

I’ve a customer setting up a machine running the following services:

windows server x64 (2003 r2 or 2008 r2)




openfire xmpp server ~ 500 concurrent users

– using webrtc / red5 flash server capability for video streaming too

He want’s detailed information which CPU would be the better choice to go for an (mainly) xmpp server:

1x Intel Pentium D (dual-core) processor 3.2GHz /4M/800 SL94Q Sockel 775


1x Intel Pentium 4 (single core) processor 3.6GHz (with hyper threading) /2M/800 SL7Z5,SL8PZ

Since i do not know if openfire is optimiesed for dual or even quad core usage i rather ask you experts :wink:

As it is running in JVM, this is more a question does Java supports multi-threading Not sure how much impact red5 server will have on the server itself (if any), but only for the xmpp and 500 users i would say any CPU will be more than enough. Back in the days i was running Openfire for 100-150 users on P2 300 MHz and 32MB RAM It was running (and still, but in the virtual machine) cmd only linux box, of course, so low resource usage from the OS itself. Though recently Openfire became more memory hungry (memory leaks or Java issues), but 8 GB looks enough.

Dual-Cores are often better than hyper-threading. Anyhow also a single-core 1 GHz core will be fine for Openfire with only a little bit traffic (normal usage). If it’s a new PC one should add also a powerful CPU as buying good hardware is usually cheaper than trying to optimize things later.