Best Database to use?

Hello all.

Which is the better database to use? The embedded database? SQL? For 10 users or even over 100 users? I tried to search the forum but could not find what I was looking for.



Personal preference I think.

Any external will be better than the embedded one, but after that take ya pick.

I go for Oracle as its the best database in the world, ever, and for <4gb its free (get the express edition) which should be easily enough unless your on Enterprise wildfire with the database packet logging.


The embdeded one isn’'t good then? Slower than an external one? Right now I have Wildfire running off the embedded database, but wondering if I should switch to SQLExpress 2005 or the Oracle Express you mentioned, before more users are added.


use the database you know best, if you don’‘t run a database already the embedded one is a good choice. It’'s easy to backup, consumes little memory and is fast. Actually it shares the Wildfire memory which is not such a good thing looking at the total memory usage but very good if you look at the performance.

And for 100 users it’'s really fine.

I also like Oracle and OracleXE but it consumes a lot of disc space and memory so for 100 Wildfire users it’'s in my hones opinion not the right choice.


Its a while since I installed Wildfire but wasn’'t there a message saying that the internal DB was slow? Maybe my mistake.

Ah, but once you use XE for one thing then other uses are bound to develop and a little DB knowledge goes a long way…

for backup type EXP from a dos prompt and follow the distructions. No need to take the DB down either. To get it back do IMP and follow distructions, although all files are in one place so I just leave it to Windows Backup on server 2003 as if it crashes the whole machine has probably died and will need a restore anyway…


Hi Ian, posts “This graph is for a test in which HSQLDB (blue line) is over 20 times faster than comparable products.” so it may be really “slow” (;

Oracle has indeed a very good database engine, but to use the normal backup is a bad idea, you need some luck to restore it as checkpoints may be written during backup and this leads to an inconsistent state of your backup which you can’'t restore. So exp with option consistent=yes (| gzip>file.gz) is the much better choice.


Just to chime in, there’'s an interesting article I linked to in this post back in January that compares MySQL, HSQLDB, Derby and Daffodi One$DB.




I’‘ll go for my mistake then… I’‘d take the message off the install thing then if I really did see it there. I specifically went for installing the DB driver and setting up users without testing as it said (sure it did!) it was slow. Already had XE on there, so wasn’‘t as bad as installin a whole DB but I’‘d just have gone for the internal one if I’'d known that!!

Ah, u learn something new every day! Didn’'t know about the checkpoint thing. one for the memory banks!!!



p.s. looks interesting that Ryan. thanks.

p.s.s. wonder if theres an exhaustive test anywhere covering database performance? i.e. inserts, deletes, selects, joins, spatial, partitioned, calculations, etc. etc. started with oracle as all the train performance data our dba manages is on oracle (in the several TB of data region), but may or may not be the best depending on scale and type of calcs??? i.e. how does one perform against the other for tables of a few hundred rows to millions, whats the changeover point etc. bit off topic i know, but randomly interesting question (to me at least!)