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Best free iOS and Android Client for openfire

I have successfully configured openfire (latest version) on my VPS (CentOS 6.5) and from desktop/mobile (IM+) I am able to chat.

I tried IM+ for mobile and facing below issues.

  1. unable to search users.

  2. Cannot create groups and add users from IM+

Is there a better mobile app for openfire ?

Really appreciate response.

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Maybe try “Conversations”? F-Droid

I read abou IM+ program and is not possible create or connect to group chat. Try Beejive but you’ll be some problems: no updates app…

We are waitting to fix bug IM+ to connect group chat to IOS… because we work in Android and is perfect.

I like Xabber

i would say like others

  • first : conversation en you take it from fdroid
  • second xabber or better xabber dev
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Yaxim (android) is also nice, though minimalistic. But it supports Message Carbons like Conversations do, but it is free.

conversation is free if you take time to take it from fdroid

yaxim was very good indeed, but it makes one year it have not bet updated

those days xabber development is quite active and xabber 1.0 is a very nice evolution.

but still it is lacking file transfer

anyone knows about a xmpp for android that support calls with openfire ?

My xabber says it’s 0.9.30f. And i have only seen a 2-3 updates in a few years i have it on my tablet. Maybe you use some sort of beta of it?

hello i am using xabber and conversations from the fdroid store.

there conversations is free and xabber is in version 1.0.x

on google play, i have checked the xabber version 1.0 is called xabber dev.

you shall have a try it is a very nice evolution of xabber

by the way.

does anyone knows about an android/ios xmpp client that would support voice/video calls ?

is there any project for that actually ?

maybe something is in move based on the smack API ?

Tried the same way, still showing error, did you figure out any working ways yet?


The best App for IOS and Android ist AstraChat. Masseges from IOS divices to android is no problem an calling with the app is no problem. I called with Astrachat over my openfire server (ubuntu server 16.04) from Mauritius (hotel wifi) to Germany (Nov/18) and it worked properly. Astrachat is the only app I found which work on IOS and on android devices, even for calls.

Hi. How did you enable voice call in open fire?

Just install the SIP Phone Plugin