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Best jabber/XMPP client for Android?

Hello all.
I am looking for the best client for openfire that can be used on one android phone.
there are enough clients but I am looking for one that supports the following possibilities
use of gateways.
and the use of bookmarks.
because I have installed plugins for this.
hopefully someone can help me further
greetings: Peter

I personally prefer Conversations.

Will be hard to find anything with this. I don’t think Conversations support this and it is arguable the best client out there. Mobile clients are minimalistic. Btw, Conversations is paid software, but i think there still might be Christmas deal going on.

heel erg bedankt
ik heb conversaties geïnstalleerd en die doet aardig wat ik wil dus dat is een goede optie

Support for transport “gateways” does not (usually) require client support (besides basic support for e.g. roster).

Conversations is open source but non-free in Play Store. It’s available free of charge on f-droid: https://f-droid.org/packages/eu.siacs.conversations/

I believe aTalk supports gateways but not the bookmarks. However I am not sure if there is a gateway fully compliant to the XEP latest standard in disco. aTalk v1.4.6 once tested working with asterisk gateway with patch, as asterisk implementation does not compliant to XEP standard. aTalk v1.5.x has removed the patch support for asterisk. The gateway option still remains but only for gateway with standard XEP implementation.

If you want to try the gateway support on asterisk, you may download aTalk v1.4.6 from the following site: