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Best practices for using Webchat and Fastpath with Openfire 3.9.1?


I am just getting into using Fastpath and Webchat. Ultimately, I would like to add a chat form on a website and utilize these tools to provide customer service.

I am using Openfire 3.9.1. I have Fastpath installed. I see the Webchat plugin is available, though a bit old. Documentation says that it can be evaluated for use on the same server as Openfire, but suggests that it be used with Tomcat or other web app server. However, I can’t seem to get it to work for evaluation. One thread says that newer versions of Openfire can’t use the http://myserver.com:7070/webchat URL.

So, I am asking here what best practices are if using the latest version of Openfire. Or, are folks using old versions of Openfire so as to successfully use Webchat with Fastpath. I started tinkering with getting Tomcat configured, but stopped and thought I would ask here, as the documentation and apps don’t exactly get updated in a timely fashion.

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We’ve also been looking at FastPath for our Help Desk and other support teams within the business but can’t seem to get it to function correctly after upgrading to Openfire 3.8.2 and then 3.9.1. We’re using the latest webchat.war as well (2008) on the stock Tomcat 6 that comes with RHEL 6 on x86_64 through an Apache HTTP reverse proxy. This arrangement worked fine under 3.8.0 and 3.8.1 but seems to have failed when we went to 3.8.2. One other change we made at the same time was upgrading OpenJDK to 1.7 after we discovered its G1GC dramatically improved memory management. At this juncture I’m wondering if FastPath is a viable solution or if we should be looking elsewhere for that capability.

Hello Philip,

Try this doc:


You need to deploy the webchat.war on the your Tomcat, and rename the plugins_webchat.war to webchat.war and load him on the Openfire.

After many search, with same problem, i foud this documentation that works fine to me!

I have a openfire 3.9.1 version, on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Mysql BD, integrated with Active Directory.

Good Luck!
webchat.war (3778996 Bytes)
plugins_webchat.war (2435508 Bytes)

Thanks for this. Worked out for us, although we’ve moved on from Fastpath for the moment it’s good to know it can be done.