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Best suited IDE for Openfire Plugin Development


I’m new to Openfire Development and Java EE also.

What IDE do you advise to import Openfire,develop plugin for it and build? I have used eclipse (actually ADT) for android develoment. I’m looking for an IDE that openfire project is developed on, and start plugin development after downoad source, in an OUT OF THE BOX manner, and debug easily.

Thanks a lot

I’m not a developer, but i think you should use the tool you are most familiar with. I think many Openfire developers are using Eclipse, probably some use NetBeans, IntelliJ or even just command-line, vi and ant. Openfire is not tied into a particular IDE. Every IDE will require to setup an environment to develop. I don’t think there is an out-of-box option for any. There are some docs about setting up Eclipse for Openfire in the forums. Though they can be outdated.

I’d stay with Eclipse. It’s used quite often.

The docs are indeed outdated, now Git is used instead of SVN.

I am happy with IntelliJ. I’d say use what you generally like for development.

Setting up Openfire for development (in any IDE) is unfortunately still not that easy because of Openfire’s messy structure (e.g. dependencies are distributed among four folders and there are 3-4 different folders which need to be added to classpath). You also have to build it with Ant first and pass the “openfireHome” variable to the VM Parameters.

If you have Make installed, starting developing openfire with Eclipse is pretty easy:

git clone https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire.git

cd Openfire

make eclipse


I have experiance on Eclipse for simple Java Application and Also ADT for my android client.

So I’m agree with you using Eclipse. as you said documentaions are old, but I’ll try to make a new one base on it, as I metion some possible issues here:


Thanks agian for your all contibution CSH,wroot ,LG and Flow