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Best way for isolate groups

Hi all!

What’s the best way for isolate groups between themselves?

I need to create many groups and I want that users belonging to one group don’t sse anything about users belonging to other groups.

Is it possible? and how?

Thanks in advance!

So, you want users only to be able to see users from the same group? Then go to group’s settings and Enable contact list sharing, give it a name, but don’t select “Share group with additional users”. Then it only share this group within its members. Btw, this won’t stop users from communicating with users from other groups. If you really want to isolate them, then you may use Packet Filter plugin and block any kind of packets between selected groups. But you will have to create many rules.

I hoped that there could have been something better than what I discovered.

Unfortunately no.

Thank you very much for your answer!