Best way to get user data into the chat object

I am trying to pass the username to the chat Object. Anybody knows hpw to do this? I am using PHP and I would like to get the username on the roster using a cokkie

You can send it via flash vars, via GET variables, or store it in a flash cookie (aka Shared Object) from another swf

Hey man, nice tip, but I am not that experienced with flash, How and or where do I do this in flash?



OK For flashVars: you have to include some parameters in the html/php source file. It should look like this (look precisely flashvars lines):

You can access parameter1 in your flash by using _root.parameter1 variable

For GET variables, it’‘s the same kind of trick, but I don’'t remember it very well…

For the flash login who stores the password for both web applications (php forum+flash chat) you just have to make a flash file where the user will type his l/p. The the flash will store time and date informations, login and password into a flash SharedObject (a flash cookie), and open the php login page with good arguments. It will log the user onto the forum. In the flash chat client, you begin by opening the flash SharedObject and retrieve login datas. I gonna make one (but limited to simple parameter transmition via SharedObject) for XIFFIAN because I think it’'s a good idea

I’'ll post more when done!