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Best way to handle groups?

I’‘ve got a 2.3.0 server that I’‘ll be putting into production pretty soon. Everything is working well and I really like what I’'ve seen so far!

Here’'s the layout…

  1. Jive installed on W2K Srv

  2. AD/LDAP used for authentication

I’‘m trying to figure out the best way to handle groups. Here’'s the layout for the groups…

  1. Product A

a. Development Team

b. QA Team

  1. Product B

a. Development Team

b. QA Team

  1. Dist.

  2. Education

  3. Support

a. Product A

b. Product B

  1. Engineering

I want to have all of the groups available for everyone. Nesting groups would be cool (if possible) as well. I’'m not worried about limiting visibility either (maybe later).

Here’‘s what I’'ve looked at so far. Filtering in AD with LDAP filters and creating groups on the Jive server. My question is what is the best from a management point of view? As users come and go, what is the most efficient way to add or remove them from the appropriate group(s)?

I’‘m not necessarily looking for a solid answer here, although I’‘ll gladly take an answer , just ideas on doing this so it’'s easy to manage going forward.

It’‘s possible to store the groups in AD, but there are some issues with how that works with Shared Groups at the moment. So, I’‘d recommend using the built-in groups for right now. When doing that, there’'s not a better method I can think of than to keep the groups manually in-synch with users that should belong to them.



as about nesting, this is up to client.

e.g. Exodus has nesting feature