Best way to view log files

which method have you guys found to be best for viewing the log files?

seems a load of extraneous information.

Hi msgvb,

Which log files are you referring to? The openfire system logs or chat logs?


I’m using this simple linux Bash script to view openfires logs. It does simply copy the logfiles to /home/martin/logs and creates there a directory* small *where it places all the logfiles without stacktraces. It does simply removes every line which starts with whitspaces followed by “at”.

#! /bin/sh oldpath=$PWD
cd /home/martin/logs rm *.log
rm -rf small
mkdir small cp /opt/openfire/logs/* . for logfile in *
        grep -v "^\W*at" $logfile >small/$logfile
done cd $oldpath

the chat logs, sorry.

thanks Cat, but I’m sort of looking for a plug-in type thing or some sort of viewer.

dehr. chat log viewing is available in the Monitoring Service Plugin, which is one of the standard plugins available for Openfire.

just have to install it.

even gives a .pdf export option.

for the record, I couldn’t get i-ball working with Openfire 3.5.2

just doesn’t seem to detect the plugin.

just coming back to elaborate on iBall not working for Openfire 3.5.2; seems to be a common issue.

I must have missed reading that somewhere.

thanks Cat, but I’m sort of looking for a plug-in type thing or some sort of viewer.
When it is sufficient to view that logs in a browser, you could do the following:

  • let the script copy the “compressed” logfiles into the public diretory of your webserver (e.g Apache, …)
  • protect that diretory with an .htaccess file, so only you can read it. Maybe HTTPS would be nice, too.
  • create a cron-job which runs that script every x minutes.
  • maybe you could write a script that converts the log file into HTML => syntax highlighting (should be really easy when using Perl or similar script language)

^^ it’s not perfect, but really easy to realize.