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Best XMPP client for win32?

what is the best XMPP client for win32 to use with jive messenger?

Pandion = missing file on win98

exodus = no sign-up wizard or button

Trillian = iffy…

So apart from these clients what is the best?

Just personal preference being stated here.

GAIM and Miranda are the two that i currently use.

Miranda is my preference though. It has a plugin that allows the use of GNUPG so that no matter what IM service i use and my counterpart i’'m communicating with has the same plugin, our conversations are encrypted.

Gaim has an encryption plugin as well, but i prefer GNUPG as opposed to GAIM’‘s use of NSS to provide transparent RSA encryption. Compared to Miranda’‘s encryption plugin, GAIM’'s is much easier to install and use.

From reading through this forum it seems that most of the clients lack some compliance with the Jabber protocol standards in some way or another.

Pandion needs IE5 or 6 to run and some XML-stuff for IE.

Maybe it runs if you upgrade your IE and install some additional stuff from MS.

I personally like psi from http://psi.affinix.com/. It is a pure jabber client with a nice gui and it works and looks same on windows/Mac and Linux. Nice for people who work on several os’'s. Register services for the other protocols like (ICQ, MSN and so on) out of it.


Do you know where I can get a copy of the GNUPG for GAIM. The NSS Win32 build does not connect to the server as mentioned in other threads. However, Linux builds which have GNUPG connect fine.