Beta 2 killed ICQ Buddylist

I know that in Changeset 5423 deleteing was commented out, but today for 90% of the users the ICQ buddylist was killed on random actions.

I can’'t track this down, there is no error message in the log.

What groups did the person appear to have in their icq list? I’'m wondering if it is some sort of poor group handling on my part.

One person moved his icq contacts from a group to group “none”, exception of some. After relogin only the contacts in “Friends” and one contact in “Transport Buddies” was alive.

If i reach the other persons today i’'ll ask them too.

One other person just registered to the icq transport in the morning, changed the presence to invisible (exception in the logs, that this type is unknown) then back to online and then to away. he left his pc till evening, then over 60% from his icq contactlist was killed.

I believe at the end of the day, that GATE-51 will solve this problem. I believe I have some busted logic somewhere in how I’'m syncing rosters.