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Beta3 roster class problem

After upgrading to beta3 I found the roster example no longer works.

There’'s a fix by guido in function fetchRoster_result

but it actually breaks the code.

there’'s a new line (line 458)

var item = newItems

just under a commented line (line 457)

var item = newItems[ i ]

that’'s the code breaker!

I think the code should be something like this:

/** * */
private function fetchRoster_result( resultIQ:IQ ):Void
          // Clear out the old roster
          // Go through the result IQ and add each item
          var ext:RosterExtension = resultIQ.getAllExtensionsByNS( RosterExtension.NS )[0];
          var newItems = ext.getAllItems();
          for( var i=0; i < newItems.length; i++ ) {
               var item = newItems[ i ];
               if( item.getGroups().length > 0 ){
                    //if a user is in several groups, add it as item for each group. Fix by guido
                    for (var j=0; j < item.getGroups().length;j++) {
                         addRosterItem( item.jid, item.name, RosterExtension.SHOW_UNAVAILABLE, "Offline", item.getGroups()[j], item.subscription.toLowerCase() );
                    addRosterItem( item.jid, item.name, RosterExtension.SHOW_UNAVAILABLE, "Offline", "General", item.subscription.toLowerCase() );
/** * */

am I correct ?



thank you!!! I’'ve been trying to figure out why roster.length has been returning 0 for the last day. your code fixed it. greatly appreciated.

sorry about that guys! I’'ll check out the fix and release as Beta 4.

I have this problem (room.length = 0) but gepatto code don’'t fix the problem, any consideration?