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Blackberry Messenger / Openfire

Do you know if there is a way to setup Openfire and Blackberry messenger to work together? I was hoping to be able to use my Blackberry messenger to connect with Openfire and see my contacts.

You need an XMPP client on your Blackberry, for example http://www.vayusphere.com/vayuxmpp.htm

You should try JiveTalk or IM+ . I’ve heard JiveTalk is really good, but I’ve never used it, I have IM+ and it’s aways worked great for me on my 8700.

Has anyone succesfully used jivetalk to connect to openfire? I’m trying to get it to work and I don’t think I have the right settings. I’m using Blackberry Enterprise Server connecting to a local ip with the default port. The main thing i’m not sure about is the username format, I’m using active directory integration to authenticate and I entered the username as user@domain.local and put the ip address of the openfire server as the server host. when I try to log in the response is connection failed, host=(server ip), port=5222.

I have read this post on earlier occassions too and could not find a solution. Came across another post on the web for PalRingo and it seems to work well. The interface is not that great but works for us.