"Blank Chat" messages

If I am in a Multi-User Chat room with someone and I double click to start a private chat with someone - If I close the private chat tab without even saying anything the other user receives a “blank chat” tab showing that I was going to message them - what can be done to stop this ?

as an example : in the attachment if I double click on Chris to start a private chat - if I change my mind and close the tab he will get a tab opening from me as if he received a message from me.

That’s odd. Sounds like Spark gets triggered by Chat State Notifications or something similar. Can you please:

  • specify the Spark versions
  • specify the Server make&model
  • use the Spark Debugger (you can enable it in the connection options, before you log in) and use that to determine what stanza (XML fragment) is causing the opening of the tab
    Do you know if this is something that’s happening in earlier versions of Spark (was the problem introduced recently, or can’t you be sure?)

my spark version is now 2.7.2 other person 2.63

openfire 3.9.3 on debian 7 kernel ver 3.2.0-4-686-pae

below is copied part of debug log

XXXXXXX1afd416e7568b9b21e2f1538aff75bd42308c803</ph oto>1afd416e7568b9b21e2f1538aff75bd42308c803</ x>




I can reproduce this with 2.6.3 version. But i can’t reproduce this with 2.7.x version on both ends. Though 2.7.x version is still sending packet of the Chat States standard. But it seems that in 2.7.x it has been changed so Spark is not reacting to this packet.

I have also found in the XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications description:

5.5 Use in Groupchat

Chat state notifications MAY be sent in the context of groupchat rooms (e.g., as defined in Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) [6]). The following business rules apply:

A client MAY send chat state notifications even if not all room occupants do so.

A client SHOULD NOT generate notifications.

A client SHOULD ignore notifications received from other room occupants.

But i’m not sure if it can be applied to the private chats inside the MUC. If it can, then Spark shouldn’t be sending packets at all. Another thing is that Spark is also sending and other packets, but this is not shown in the GUI as it is in a regular chat. Again, i’m not sure how private chats should be treated. If they are treated as normal chats, then it is a bug and Spark should show typing notifications.

Speaking about the packet, it is not described how a client should present this. Maybe it should show a notification “user has gone”. Of course, in this case, when it is just peaking and no chat took place it is logical to suppress such notification.

SHORT ANSWER: update the other person to 2.7.2

P.S. a bit of offtopic, but man, 2.7.2 is starting, logging in and operating sooo much faster than the older 2.6.3