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Blank Chat Window

Our Spark environment has been in place for quite a few years and consists of around 100 people who communicate using it on a daily basis. Today, an issue I’ve never seen occurred.

One user can see everyone in his group…everyone in his group can see him. When he send a message to anyone, the message appears in their window. But when anyone sends a message to him, a chat window opens but the message is blank.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be causing this?


What version of Spark? Sometimes starting with a fresh profile helps in such cases.

Profile Wipe:
You can wipe your Spark profile and start with a fresh one. Spark profile is here
If you need your history, copy this folder:
And copy it back after you start with a fresh profile.

The version is 2.6.3.

The profile wipe didn’t work. Prior to the profile wipe, the program was uninstalled…deleted all Spark files from Program Files…deleted all Spark entries from the Registry…restarted the computer…reinstalled Spark.

The problem persists.

Well, 2.6.3 is very old and is known for such issues. I suggest to update to 2.8.3.

Thanks for the info. Will let you know what happens.

Apologies for the delay in responding. Recreating the Windows profile took care of the issue. But since you mentioned version 2.8.3…are there any known issues with different versions communicating with each other?

I think it should work ok. I haven’t used so different versions myself, but i have seen reports in the forums about using even 2.5.8 and newest versions together. I think the most affected part would be file transfer. Btw, file transfer is a bit broken in 2.8 series. So, if you need it, you are better with 2.7 versions. https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/releases