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Block External Users

I Would like to block, from the Server side, specific external users from being able to send Invite to Join/Contact/Chat to my User(s) Accounts.

For example, to block: ‘aname@hotmail.com’.

I don’t want to block Domains or IP addresses, as this is too wide an effect.

We just need to block certain troublesome addresses.

Thank you,

Openfire supports XEP-0016 Privacy Lists, which can do that.

XEP-0191: Blocking Command is kind of a subset of XEP-0016, which is a lot of easier to work with, but unfortunately Openfire does not support it.

Thank you CSH :slight_smile:

We are using iChat as the client FYI.

I am not familiar with iChat, but a quick google search suggests, that iChat doesn’t support neither XEP-0016 nor XEP-0191 :frowning:

But maybe I am mistaken and you came to another conclusion.