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Block File Transfer

We have a requirement in house to block file transfers. We either have to block all file transfers or file transfers outside of our “server”. We would prefer to block them “out of server” so we can share files internally.

Is either of these possible with Jive? I am hoping there is a property I can set that will block file transfers.

We are using

Jive Messenger 2.1.1

Exodus 0.9

We are open to switching clients.

Hey JT,

The way you are doing file transfer does not rely on any specific feature of Messenger. Although there are some JEPs that may require the server to implement some features, Messenger does not have support for file transfer (yet).

In other words, until Messenger implements the part that involves a server to complete a file transfer, you won’'t be able to block it from the server. You will have to figure out how to do it from the client side.

BTW, which method of file transfer are you using?


– Gato

When i was testing few jabber clients, windows firewall was blocking file trasfers (because it goes peer-2-peer, without server intervention). Maybe you should/could try to configure your firewall to solve your problem.

Thanks for both answers. We are using the Exodus client so it is doing directly with each other.

We will look into other clients (or roll our own) that won’'t do file transfer without a server in the middle. I fully realize this is a little “silly”, but we are satisfying a legal/contractual requirement to not allow file transfer via IM (among other things).