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Block IP or Range in Openfire 4.6.4


I noticed a new registration on our Cloud Based Openfire server. I immediately deleted the user and it has not showed back up, but I would rather not have random people just joining our company server.
I found the area in Openfire Admin Console under Server Settings → Registration and Login where IPs can be allowed or denied, however, when I enter our site specific STATIC IP address’ in to the allowed box and click save it doesn’t appear to save them as they do not show in the box once the screen refreshes.
How do I check and see if the IP’s are being save and the rule is being enforced?

The server is running on CentOS7 on a cloud based VPS service so that all of our locations could access the same server and communicate. As you can understand, we would like to keep outsiders off the server. The server has been up for more than a year and this is the first time a random person has found it, but I would rather just limit connections to out specific IP addresses.

How would I go about checking that the IPs have been stored?

Hi Brandon. That should … simply work? I’ve quickly started a new server and added a random IP address to the whitelist, then saved, and refreshed the page. The entry continued to show (as seen in the screenshot below).

When you attempt to add a list, is any kind of error being logged perhaps?

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I just figured it out. Above the box where it is giving an example of how to enter the IP addresses, it shows a space, "E.g.:, 200.125.80.". If that space is entered, the entry is not saved. Don’t use the space and the addresses are saved. E.g.:,200.125.80.
Everything works great after that.

Ah, that seems like something that we should fix. I’ve raised a ticket for it at [OF-2270] IP values used in the admin console should trim values. - Ignite Realtime Jira

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