Block or filter file transfer

hi all - i’‘m a new user to wildfire 3.0.1, with spark 2.0.1. I’'m looking for a plug in that will either allow me to block all file transfers or filter it so i can limit the size and type of file transfered.

i’'ve checked the forum but the only one there was a deadlink unfortunately.

if anyone can help - it would be much appreciated,


Blocking file transfer is built into WIldfire, however just so you know if you want to truly block file transfer, you’'ll have to only allow your userbase to use a client that goes through the server to allow transfers. A great deal of them transfer point to point, so you would have to get your network guys involved to block ports to stop those clients. All of this takes for granted that you are settingup and using wildfire in a corporate environment.



the Wildfire Enterprise Plugin allows you to block file transfers but it’'s not open source / free software.