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Blocking private conversations in group chats


I’‘m looking for a way of blocking people in group chats (conference rooms) to be able to have private conversations (PM’'s) with each other.

Any ideas on how to do this? I’'m hoping there is a system property for this.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hola Pablo,

Out of the box that feature is not supported. Room occupants can always exchange private messages with other room occupants. However, a simple way to implement what you are looking for could be by creating a PacketInterceptor that will reject certain private messages (i.e. packets of type Message either of type chat or normal sent by certain users to a certain room).

BTW, which is the context where you need such feature? If we have more contextual info we may be able to offer some other workarounds.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Here is the situation. I’‘ve got groups of agents in a call center and supervisors that normally give out a broadcast to give certain info to them, like "it’'s time to go to break", “remember to offer plan X”, etc.

I need to be able to do that, but not let users talk between each other.

Normally all agents have a shared account that belongs to the service they are working for. Is there a way to make the group chats not show the userlist? or in the case that multiple users login with the same account just one instance of the account apears on the list?

With moderated group chats I was able to not let them talk to the whole group. But It would be nice to disable them to PM.

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Hola Pablo,

Hmm, Call center In Venezuela??? I may have probably been there. I don’'t remember if it was Atento or some other CC.

Anyway, back to your question. I guess that you are using a custom IM client then, right? Since agents can still be able to perform one-2-one chat as you usally do in your IM client. Have you hidden that feature? Otherwise it may make no sense to only forbid private messages in chat rooms but still have one-2-chat chats.

Having said that, I would say that a PacketInterceptor is a good way for you to handle this case. You will need to create a plugin that provides your new packet interceptor.

BTW, have you checked out our Fastpath product? That product is ideal for CCs specially when you want to provide help desk support via IM.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

LOL Yes I’'m working at Atento. Why did you come here?

Back on topic.

I used the subscription plugin to deny any atempt to include someone on your roster (to disable the one-2-chat), do you recomend a better way of doing it?

The PacketInterceptor sounds like a good idea, can you point me in the way? Can we sponser that feature so it goes OSS?

I really want to deploy this solution ASAP.



Hi Pablo,

users can chat even without a subscription, so it takes a little bit longer as you need to enter the name you want to chat to instead of clicking on your roster but it works fine. Usually users chat with each other and later they add each other to the roster. So I don’'t think that the denying all subscriptions does really help.

Another bad idea would be to use the same account for all users and just change the resource the users are using.

Spending some peanuts does always help to get things done, did you take a look at the exising plugins? None of them does match your requirement but the source is bundled with the wildfire_src.zip, so one has some good examples. And if one has a lot of time one can dig into this and create a new plugin.


Back in wildfire 3.1.1 I had made a demo setup using group chats. It was possible to only let the moderates/admin of a group to post messages to a group chat.

I can’'t seem to find how. I selected the “Make Room Moderated” but still any user can post a message.

Any ideas?