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Bookmark This widget issue

Hi. Is anyone else experiencing such issue that Bookmark This widget (a lightbox window popping up with a tags, notes and Save button) is not reacting to clicking on Save button? Maybe this is because i’m not adding any notes or tags, but after a few tries i’m able to add a bookmark. Wonder why it doesnt work for me at a first try. Firefox 3.0.10

That is odd… I just tried bookmarking this thread and it worked straight away.

Especially odd since that form seems to do a normal POST to the system… I don’t believe it’s intercepted except perhaps for validation, though with no required fields, there doesn’t seem to be javascript/client-side validation on that form.

Ok. I have just bookmarked this thread without issues. Maybe this is a time of loading issue. Usually when i hit Save button and for 10 secs nothing happens (and i dont see "Transferring data…) bar in the statusbar, then i start thinking that it doesn’t work. Though maybe it’s still loading somewhere on the background. Will wait longer next time.

P.S. had to type this twice. It happened twice to me. Sometimes when i hit Post Message it gaves me a white screen with the message “the site is on a maintenance”. But if i go Back it works fine. Do i hit some kind of site overloads at that points? Message draft saving doesnt work at these times too.