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Bookmarks JEP-48

I’‘ve created a couple classes to manage jabber bookmarks, a BookmarkProvider class that implements PrivateDataProvider and a Bookmark class that implements PrivateData. They need a little more polishing, but eventually I’'d like to contribute them and make them standard smack extensions.

So, is there any interest in this? If so, what should I do when they’'re ready?


Sounds interesting. This is a “Historical JEP” but it doesn’‘t sound like there are any newer JEP’‘s that supersede it. Therefore, I wouldn’‘t have a problem adding in the changes to Smack. When you’‘re ready to submit code, please let us know and we’'ll figure out next steps.



Ok, I’'ve attached the java files.

The Bookmark class won’‘t let you create two conferences or two urls withe the same name. The JEP doesn’‘t say you can’'t, but it seems to me that this was probably intended.

Right now I have url and conference as nested classes inside bookmark, which is kind of ugly. Likely this should be changed, but other ways of doing things seemed ugly to me also.

BookmarkProvider.java (3331 Bytes)
Bookmark.java (6799 Bytes)