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BOSH Connection error in smack 4.4.beta01 in android

I am using the latest Gradle dependency 4.4.0-beta1. Before that, I was using 4.3.4. In which, BOSH connection was working fine. But now, Its not working in latest version. Below is the code for BOSH connection configuration:

    private fun buildConfiguration(): BOSHConfiguration {
        var sslContext = SSLContext.getInstance("TLS")
        var mtm = MemorizingTrustManager(mContext)

        val builder =
                .setSslContextFactory {
        return builder

While using the above configuration, I am getting below error:

SSL/TLS required by client but not supported by server

I even contact to server handler for that and he said that they are already providing SSL/TLS support.

Kindly help me with that what exactly I miss here.

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