BOSH message delivery delayed 20-120 sec!

Any ideas why we are seeing long delivery dely of messages from BOSH connected clients?


  • Openfire 3.9.3. (IP: x.x.x.15) on windows 2012R2 with builtin JRE, Xms/Xmx set to 1536m
    • xmpp.httpbind.client.idle == 360
    • xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.max == 30
    • xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.polling == 0
    • xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.wait == 60
  • Openfire recently restarted
  • We are **not **using SSL
  • Client1 – Pidgen 2.10.9 configured to use BOSH (IP:x.x.x.175) – user testuser1
  • Client2 – Psi v0.15 native xmpp client (IP:x.x.x.175) – user testuser2
  • Both clients running on the same desktop but logged in with different accounts

Both accounts login without issue and their rosters (buddy lists) appear as expected.

When I send a message from testuser1 (BOSH) to testuser2 (native), delivery is **not **immediate. The message is not displayed in testuser2’s chat window (Psi) for 20-40s. Sometimes the delay is ~2 minutes!

However, if I send a message from testuser2 (native) to testuser1 (BOSH), the message that is delayed from testuser1 will appear immediately in testuser2’s chat window. And the message from testuser2 will be displayed on testuser1 immediately.

This is a lab setup, there are maybe 2-5 users logged in at anyone time. Openfire’s VM host has plenty of CPU, memory. Chats with native to native clients appear to happen normally.

Any ideas why we are seeing this long delivery dely of messages from BOSH clients?