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BOSHConfiguration not working in asmack


I have setup ejabberd, to which the android client would connect through aSmack API. Now, I want to connect to the ejabberd on the port 5280 using the aSmack API. My objective is to connect the android client which is behind a firewall (XMPP port 5222 is blocked), to the ejabberd server.

So, I am using the BOSHConfiguration and BOSHConnection to connect XMPP over http. Below is the code which I am using to create the connection object using the BOSHConnection.

BOSHConfiguration connConfig = new BOSHConfiguration(true, “”, 5280, “/http-bind/”, “example”);

BOSHConnection connection = new BOSHConnection(connConfig);


The connection object does get instantiated properly, I get a null value.

Even when “connConfig.getHost()” returns null. That indicates there is something wrong in the BOSHConfiguration Class itself.

I am using the asmack-android-19-0.8.10.jar while building my android application.

I have also gone through the discussion here http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/40768 throughly, and tried to include all the jars which others had advised, but those created conflicts with the asmack-android jar.

Any help regarding what I am missing here, would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, solution was found ??

Hello, I’m investigate this problem,

Problem found in class ConnectionConfiguration. In Xabber project, connection is OK through the BOSHConnection. There is the difference between ConnectionConfiguration class of this lib and the same class in Xabber project.