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On our previous irc server, we had a bot which did various things, like do bash lookups for “humourous” anecdotes, tell you about the weather, do telephone list lookups etc.

Is there a similar bot available for Jive, or could someone give me a clue how to start doing something like that?




I also need a bot. Our bot reports about the server situation. Like

Host DOWN alert for ****

Host UNREACHABLE alert for*****

Host UP alert for****

My coworker is looking into it. But it would be of great help if I can get help from here.



I’'m currently using a notify_via_jabber perl script I found here:


It requires getting the right Perl modules, but it works. I was also able to modify it to accept STDIN and feed it the message content from Nagios (system monitoring tool) that tells us when systems are up/down/unreachable.

Not really a bot though. Nagios sends alerts through external commands, which makes this possible for me.

I’‘m planning on writing a bot framework for our alert notification system using the Jive plugin architecture, but I have only begun to layout the initial architecture and learning how to use the Jive plugin API, so it’'s going to be several months before I have anything.

I also saw a userlist plugin that implements a simple chatbot interface using the Jive plugin architecture.


My Bot is written in PHP with Class.Jabber.php (http://cjphp.netflint.net/), works fine. I have a Support-Bot which forwards messages depending on availability (online) of certain Jive users. The Support-Bot is in a persistant group so everybody has access to it. In the next step I’'ll setup a MySQL Table for the support messages so the bot can answer requests individualy. And finaly there will be a connector to a knowledge base for automatic answers.

Here is a PHP example for sending messages with class.jabber.php:

<?PHP include("class.jabber.php"); $recv = "jiveid@domain.de"; $subj = "Subject ......"); $message = "Message ......"; $JABBER = new Jabber; $JABBER->username = "support-bot"; $JABBER->password = "xxxxxx"; $JABBER->resource = "Bot"; $JABBER->Connect() or die("Couldn''t connect!"); $JABBER->SendAuth() or die("Couldn''t authenticate!"); $JABBER->SendMessage($recv,"normal", NULL, array("body" => $message, "subject" => $subj )); $JABBER->Disconnect(); ?>

I’'ve tested neutron (python) and ambrosio (perl) with JM.

Ambrosio seems to have all of the notification scripting setup and ready for action. It doesn’'t have much in the way of client side “features”.

Neutron was a bit fussier to setup and doesn’'t have all of the server side notification built out like ambrosio. It is, however, full of client side features.

Both have provisions for plug-ins so it appears that nearly anything can be done with them. Neutron is probably more like what nigelb was looking for.

Server side notification messages are fairly easy to script in a few lines of your favorite language with the right library.




it may be a bug in neutron

it’'s definitely a bug in neutron

ermine is working on another chat bot, maybe she plans to replace neutron with it on the future

badlop knows too much

i said /maybe/

i don’‘t know python, so i can’‘t patch neutron, i don’‘t know perl for Chatbot, i don’'t know Ocaml…

you can to attempt tcl

it is interesting why in jabber there are not much bots

ermine: that’'s strange, there is a debian package with an ocaml book:



  1. Chatbot (Perl) El más usado. Hay un proyecto cuasi abandonado, JabberScripts donde se pretendia recopilar plugins.

  2. Jhatbot (Java) Muy parecido a Chatbot (solo que no guarda históricos).

  3. Neutron (Python) escrito por un tal Mikem.

  4. Jabber Perl Bot (Perl)

  5. WheresKal (Perl)

  6. Galena (Java) Multiredes.

  7. Jabbot-Python (Python).

  8. JabBot (PHP).

  9. MemberBot (Python) Para votaciones.

  10. Élmer el robot - temperatura, unefon, movistar, online, fortuna. En PHP.

  11. dict_bot - Un bot en Perl que se conecta a un servidor dict para consultar palabras.

  12. JabBot - PHP

  13. eliza_bot.pl - Un bot en Perl con conexión a Eliza, basado en Chatbot.

Ambrosio - bot en Perl con plugins ps, uptime, df.

let me know when can i add yours to that list

well, it is not necessary to have stuff related to your OS


anyway, i can say that the most complete are chatbot and neutron

and none of them is actively developed, probably

mine can weather, simple userinfo, google, dict, enru (dictonary)

next tack is generating text by using markov chains

this is instead of dumb eliza


do you know about markov chain?

Yeah, I was hoping someone would create an online entity (bot) for a while now… I’'ll be watching