Botz: Internal Bot Library for Openfire

I am unable to download the botz jar file from this page. From where do i download this jar file please.

Have you already tried the attachments to this link:

Did you manage to get parrotbot working. I have it running and can talk to it directly from Spark client, but unable to get the parrot to join room(s) automatically. My bot should join silently and respond to users. In my case, users join a workgroup (fastpath) from WebChat clients. An agent attached to the same same workgroup accepts a join request to start chatting with the user.

This may be slightly OT. I gave up on this approach and used the Smack API instead to create a chat bot / automated user.

That chat bot can be run independently / outside of Openfire.

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Are there any example (open source) Smak chat bot code around?

if this Bot library plugin is already done by you then I would like to use it for my site gb whatsapp if it is possible without having a Openfire.

It is amazing to see how this project, after a decade and a half, is still functional and generating interest!

Sadly, apart from archives passed around on this forum, the sources of this project seem to have been lost in time.

To facilitate further development, we have now created a new source code repository for this project:

We have minimally modified the project, and created a proper release from that, which we’ve dubbed 1.1.0. That can be downloaded from the Github repository, but is also available in our Maven repository, under

You should be able to use something like this in your Maven project to pull it in:


        <name>Ignite Realtime Repository</name>

So far this is all very early days (even for a project this old)! Please bear with us while we fine-tune things, and perhaps further develop this project. We very much welcome your input!

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We now have a section on our website for the Botz project!

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