BOUNTY: LDAP group support

I’‘ve got points to give away to the person who implements JM-129: LDAP group support and gets it into CVS. It’‘s a very popular issue in JIRA, so I’‘m sure a lot of other people would think you’‘re a hero, as well. I had a short conversation with darcher about some of the requirements over in the Jive Messenger Support forum – here’'s the thread:

We were basically trying to decide what inputs would need to be given to JM in order for it to be able to do the queries necessary to build a group list. If you can’‘t piece together what we came up with, I’‘d be happy to post a follow-up to lay out what we ended up with. I’‘m also happy to discuss anything about implementing this feature. I’'ll be watching this thread and the thread list above.

The reason I’‘m posting this bounty is because my pilot program of about 35 users has been a huge success, but I’'m not going to roll out to the other 400+ users without LDAP group support.

Go ahead – make my day!

I’'m here to claim the bounty. Old west style.


Great work, Greg!