Brand new user, have a couple of questions

I came across Openfire when looking for a chat server that can archive all messages. So I’ve installed Openfire, tied it to LDAP, and installed the archiving plug-in.

How do I add/change the adminstrator account for the webui?

Is there a way to disable authorization of buddy adding? (Blindly allowing people to add each other as buddys?)

I’ve turned archiving of one-to-one chats and group chats on in the archiving plug-in but can’t do a keyword search. When I search for any keyword it comes up with no results. If I search by date or username it shows me the archived chats. Any ideas?


This product is amazing, both Openfire and Spark. I can’t believe these are free and opensource. These have to be some of the best opensource products I’ve ever seen. Very nice work.

Nevermind about the archiving keyword search, a reboot seemd to fix that right up.

Still haven’t figured out how to add/change admins and if you can disable buddy listing aproval.


The only way I know to add Admin users is to go into the openfire configuration folder (c:\program files\openfire\conf\ on our install) and edit the Openfire.xml file.

Inside, you’ll find a section that looks like:


You need to add users there separated by commas - and if the line or admin section is surrounded by comment markers, remove those too. They are


on to start a comment and


to end one.

(There might be an easier way, but I don’t know of one).

Restart Openfire after making the changes.

The only way to add\change\remove admins of openfire is to edit the openfire.xml. To disable the need to approve buddy additions to rosters is to install the subscription plugin and configure it to accept all.

Thanks for the info.