Branded Spark with new name and Client Control Plugin

Hi all,

We’ve decided to run a beta test of Spark in my company. We’re currently running Spark standard client but in the final use we will use a branded Spark with new name, MySpark for instance.

Our branded version is ready and we want to use Client Control Plugin for Openfire to only authorize our MySpark client. I’ve followed many of documents in this site to rename our client like this one :

But Client Control and Openfire (in Sessions Page) still recognize my client as Spark and not MySpark.

Can someone tell me where is precisely the information sent to Openfire by Spark for authenticating ?

I don’t know if it’s important but i don’t use install4j for compiling, i use launch4j.

Thanks for your help


no idea ?


does Spark return “Spark” or our new name when you use another Spqrk client to query the version?


This is what Psi returns to me :

Psi (5)
Dernier état @ mer. 30. juin 14:09:05 2010
Utilise: Psi 0.14 / Windows XP
spark (1)
Dernier état @ mer. 30. juin 14:20:25 2010
Utilise: MySpark 1.0.0 / Windows XP

By answering you, i’ve found what i’ve forgotten.

In my copy/paste i just notice that spark hasn’t a upper S in its identification. And my researchs were case sensitive with “Spark”.

I didn’t change this in java/org/jivesoftware/sparkimpl/settings/local/ :

public String getResource() {


Now it’s ok, Openfire and Psi are identifying with my custom name.

Thanks a lot !!


return props.getProperty(“resource”, “spark”);