Broadcast Message from address

Hi There,

I’ve just set up an Openfire server and configured the broadcast plugin but at present broadcasts come from the person who made them resulting in multiple tabs opening in my IM of choice Adium each from a different user and the name is the full JID ie What I’ve seen on another Openfire server, and I’d like to replicate is broadcasts that come from a common broadcast user, so all appear on the same chat and the user displayed is just a name.

I’ve done a fair bit of googling but I’m coming up blank can someone point me in the right direction ?


Maybe they are sending the messages via Admin Console > Sessions > Tools. Then messages come from the Administrator user. Or maybe they use some sort of Message of the Day plugin.

I don’t think it is done using the admin console unless you can change the admin username to “directorbot” and I don’t think it is a MOTD thing since the one’s of those I’ve seen only do the message when you first connect.

I’m wondering if it is a web interface that uses an API.

So it is sending messages from “directorbot” name? It looks like this is a bot plugin sending them and not via the broadcast plugin. Though i haven’t heard about such bot.