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Broadcast message from client

Is there a way to broadcast a message to all clients in the Jive user db?

Use the Broadcast plugin. See here:


I don’'t know if there is one from all clients, but I know some clients (such as Miranda with addon) allow you to send one message to multiple “picked” users that you pick.

If you want to send to all online users, you can just go to Administrator Console (AC) on the sessions page - Send Message.

Did i ever put in a request to send a broadcast to a GROUP from the AC? Me forgets

Dang…he is TOO fast… I forgot about broadcast… i sux0r

You should be write to SubBroadcast plugin of Jive Messenger ,

public class SubBroadcastPlugin implements Plugin{

private void broadcastUpdate(Presence update) {

if (update.getFrom() == null) {



if (localServer.isLocal(update.getFrom())) {

// Local updates can simply run through the roster of the local user

String name = update.getFrom().getNode();

try {

if (name != null && !"".equals(name)) {

name = name.toLowerCase();

Roster roster = rosterManager.getRoster(name);




catch (UserNotFoundException e) {

Log.warn("Presence being sent from unknown user " + name, e);



else {

// Foreign updates will do a reverse lookup of entries in rosters

// on the server

Log.warn("Presence requested from server "

  • localServer.getServerInfo().getName()

  • " by unknown user: " + update.getFrom());




all@broadcast.foo will send a message to all REGISTERED users or just ONLINE?

all@broadcast.foo will send a message to all

REGISTERED users or just ONLINE?

Online users…


I haven’‘t had time to follow up on making this work, so I’'m marking this question as answered for now - thanks for all the helpful posts!!