Broadcast messages echoes:

I am having problems with our spark / openfire setup. I can’‘t pinpoint the exact date, but I’‘ll say that this started about 2-3 weeks ago. I am getting repeats of old broadcast messages from co-workers. It seems random, or at least I can’'t figure out what event triggers it, but the result is the same in that a previously broadcasted message is repeated without user intervention.

I am running the latest version of the client, and server. We are hosting approximately 20 users, and network traffic is low. The only thing I haven’‘t tried is rebooting the server, which I can’'t at this time, but will when I am able to. Has anyone else experienced this?


I am having the same issue. Just started today, a message that a broadcasted last week keeps going out at least 9 times repeatedly and then stops for a few hours and sends again. I just restarted the Openfire service to see if that fixes issue.