Broadcast messages history


Is there any history of broadcast messages sent to group? There is alert message or default message to sent but where I could check or re-send this messege once more. Users announce me that the messages appear in their desktops but when they close this window they couldn’t find it to read it again? Where brodcast messages are stored in history?

No one knows? Maybe there isn’t any option like that?

Received regular message broadcasts should be saved in the history of the receiver. Alert messages are only shown as toast popups and are not saved anywhere. Broadcast messages are not saved in the sender’s history. SPARK-1051

Any news on the boardcast issue 1051 for spark> I read that it got pushed to 2.7, but it’s not showing as a fix in the beta version.

Would love to have this option.

Usually issues are pushed to the next release version, but it doesn’t always mean it will be fixed for this version. So far there were no updates and personally i don’t think it will make 2.7.0, unless someone else provides a patch.