Broadcast Plugin Groups not available

I’'m running Wildfire (3.1.1) in Java 2 Runtime, Standard Edition (1.5.0_10) on Debian Etch (4.0 RC1) with a postgreSQL (8.1) database backend. The following Plugins are enabled: Broadcast (1.5.2), IM Gateway (1.0 Beta 6b), User Import Export (2.0.4).

There are two groups: Admin and Member. The Member Group is shared to all it’'s members rosters the Admin group consists of just 3 users. The props for the Broadcast Plugin are as follows:

plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers = “admina@mydom.tld,adminb@mydom.tld,adminc@mydom.tld,admind@mydom.tld” plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions = “false”

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed = “true”

Now to the problem: Nobody (including the listed allowedUsers) is able to send messages to admin@broadcast.mydom.tld or member@broadcast.mydom.tld. If anyone tries to add one of those two to their roster, they instandly send an Auth Revokation. If anyone tries to send a chat or message to them they answer with the following:

Subject: Error sending broadcast message

Not allowed.

The recipient or server does not allow any entity to perform the action.

Address not valid: admin@broadcast.mydom.tld

The all@broadcast.mydom.tld works nicely for the allowedUsers. Also on Psi 0.11 in the Service Discovery I can see that of the three items in broadcast.mydom.tld all other than all@broadcast.mydom.tld is marked as “Error: Item not found. The addressed JID or item cannot be found.”

What am I doing wrong? Help!

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Fixed the problem. Just had to convert the group names to lower-case, as it is noticed in the broadcast plugin readme. But it doesn’'t look very good in the client Roster.


Did you have to edit any type of code in the .jar? Basically all my groups are in lowercase and I can send a broadcast message to

But i can’'t send to

Message delivery to failed: (Code 405)

Not allowed to send a broadcast message to

Any ideas?


Wildfire 3.1.1

JVM Version and Vendor: 1.5.0_06 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Server VM

Debian Sarge with Mysql 4.1

Broadcast module - 1.5.2