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Broadcast pluging use


I’d like to send broadcast messages to selected groups of users.

I don’t understand the sentence in the broadcast plugin readme which says to “send messages to [group]@[serviceName].[serverName]”.

Is this a users group defined in the Openfire server admin or a contacts group of a Spark client?

How can I send a message to this group? I mean, I use a Spark client and I can send messages to specific users or use the Spark broadcast which is still related to contacts. Is there any other way I can send a message to [group]@[serviceName].[serverName]?

Is this something done from the Openfire admin console?



Hi Claudio,

Openfire allows you to create groups. So you can send a message to a server group or to “all”. Using Spark you may want to add "all@broadcast.example.com" to your roster or start a chat with it. Every message you send to this JID will be broadcasted.


Thanks LG,

now I’ve added group@broadcast.mydomain.com to my Spark contacts, but the contact is still pending acceptance. How can the group accept the request for contact so that I can start sending broadcast messages to the group members?

THank you!



if I try to add mygroup@mydomain.com it keeps waiting for acceptance.

On the other hand if I try to add mygroup@broadcast.mydomain.com the contact disappears as soon as I try to add it.

What am I missing?

Thank you again


Hi Claudio,

does “mygroup” contain upper case characters? It seems that there is a problem with upper case characters in groups.

As long as you have permissions to use the broadcast plugin you should be able to subscribe to it. Otherwise the subscription will be rejected.


Hi LG,

I found some posts about this and named the group in all lower case letters.

I did this:

  • installed and configured the broadcast plugin

  • allowed user X to broadcast

  • created a group

  • added users

  • X is the group admin

  • try to add among the contacty mygroup@broadcast.mydomain.com

what happens is that

  • with one group the contact request disappears as soon as it created

  • with another the contact is there but the group seems to be offline. no message is delivered to the other members.

Am I missing something?



Hi Claudio,

did you define the Openfire system property “plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers” with the value "x@mydomain.com" (also in lower case)?

“x” must then be able to create subscriptions with "all@broadcast.mydomain.com" and "mygroup@broadcast.mydomain.com", otherwise something goes wrong. Anyhow there is no debug information in the broadcast plugin so it’s hard to tell what’s going wrong. Exceptions will be logged but I doubt that you find something in the error log.


PS: "mygroup@mydomain.com" is a simple JID, you could create a user named “mygroup” and chat with it.