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Broadcast to group not working how I want :)

So I’ve got the broadcast plugin running and have been using the all@broadcast.mydomain address successfully for some time. I was looking to set up some broadcast groups but creating a group, Enabling contact list group sharing and setting the test members as admins for the mean time I can’t send a broadcast by opening a chat to group@broadcast.mydomain using Adium, Spark or XMPPHP (doing this via XMPPHP or similar is my eventual goal). However if I right click on the group in spark and send a broadcast it appears to work.

So what am I doing wrong or is group broadcast something that only works in Spark ?

edit : I should add I am running openfire 3.7.1 and broadcast plugin 1.8.2 and plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions and plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed are set to true and the users I am testing with are in plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers.