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Broadcast to users from different groups


I ma not too sure if this functionality is avaiable in the new release of spark. Is it possible to broadcast a message to users from 2 different groups. I have been using spark in conjunction with the wildfire server and it works great.



That’'s a great idea. How would you like to see it work UI wise?


Hi Derek,

UI wise I would like it if I select 2 people in 2 different group using ctrl+click and right click send a broadcast to both.

Is it possible right now?



I was just wondering if anyone had an idea if this feature was available right now.


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Hi Veena,

you are looking for SPARK-111, aren’'t you? So you may vote for this issue.


One option for the UI is in the Broadcast Message window, have a little “+” icon next to the group name you can click on. When you click on it, a window with a list of groups appears where you can select or deselect groups for the message to go to. The Broadcast Message window should of course reflect the list of groups selected.