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Broadcasting through gateways?

Is the broadcast plugin supposed to send broadcast messages to buddies on users’’ rosters who are on different networks connected via a gateway? I have a user that sent a broadcast message and a couple of his AIM buddies received the message.

raise eyebrow No … no it’‘s not. =/ As far as I know, the broadcast plugin takes the list of users on the server and sends a message to each of them. It wouldn’‘t have any way of knowing about the AIM users and such. I’‘m not sure how the broadcast message would have arrived at some of the AIM users. But like I said, I’‘m not familiar with the broadcast plugin’‘s functionality. I’'m just guessing based off what seems reasonable. ;D

I sent a test broadcast tonight and I had one of my MSN contacts reply to me so it did pass through the gateway. This is interesting and it’‘s neat that it’'s possible. I do not yet know if it passes through the other gateways. Will continue to test this. Taking a leap here, but, if it is possible (or will be or could be) it would then be nice if you had the option to broadcast to:

all server users

a particular server group

all server users and all contacts in current online list (in gateways).

BTW, did something change with the latest gateway.jar? I appeared to have duplicates of my users and I was getting kicked out of my MSN until I deleted the duplicate entry in the admin console. The duplicate was username@server name and username@myurl. When I deleted the latter the gateways then behaved. Hopefully, this is a one-time occurrence.

All in all, it’'s been a wonderful program, and I am enjoying watching it grow.

For the broadcast part, I don’‘t get it. I’‘m looking at the source code for the broadcast plugin and it doesn’‘t seem possible that it would be doing that. I’'m going to ask Gato about it.

I can’‘t imagine what would have changed with the gateway.jar to cause duplicates though. There’'s not even a database upgrade script that could have caused that. =/

Aha! Ok, I figured out what you are looking at. The broadcast I am looking at is the things done internally by the openfire server. It only broadcasts to accounts that are actually on that server. I just fired up Spark and can see the broadcast icon in Spark and it explicitly says “send message to your entire roster”, that’'s very different and is indeed somehing handled strictly by Spark. If you would like to see that behavior change, you will need to bring that one up with Spark support. =)

Thanks for getting to the bottom of the spark broadcasting issue. I never hovered over the icon in Spark long enough to read the tooltip. I had just assumed by the looks of the icon that it was using the broadcast plugin on the server.

If it makes you feel any better, so did I. ;D

And just in case anyone in the future is wondering about it…

I’'ve discovered that if you right click on a group heading, you can send a broadcast message to just the members of that group in your roster. If you select multiple members in your roster (shift-clicking or control-clicking), you can send a broadcast message to just those members.

These are things that people probably already know, but weren’'t immediately obvious to me.