Broadcasting with iChat

Hi all.

So I have got Openfire setup and working now pulling in users from my Open Directory and showing up groups in ichat so all is good. One last niggle to work out though is the broadcasting option.

I have installed the plugin and as far as I can tell I need to add some properties to get it working. So far I have enabled the following:

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions true

plugin.broadcast.serviceName broadcast

This I assume gives the option to send a broad cast to all@broadcast.mydomain (my domain being and enables any one on Openfire to send broadcasts.

How ever this is not working. The way I assume I have to do this with ichat is to click File, New Chat. Which lets me then send a message to a specified address which is my

This how ever returns an error:

There was an error with Jabber.

iChat couldn’t send the message to

Can any one point me in the right direction with this?