Broadcasts keep happening...even though broadcast plugin gone

Every day or two, i get a broadcast advising that there’s an update to an openfire plugin - that openfire 3.6.0 is available. wording to that effect. The problem is, I don’t want these broadcasts. and i removed the broadcast plugin weeks ago. and i’ve restarted the openfire server a few times since then.

how can i turn off these annoying, unwanted broadcasts to all users?? thanks in advance.

The broadcast plugin has nothing to do with this behavior. You need to change a setting on the server. Disable the admin notifications. See image below:


interesting. thanks. i would have interpreted ‘admin notifications’ to be via email, not a random popup via the program itself. also there seems to be no mechanism to permanently dismiss a notification, which is rather a shortcoming. i’m running the latest version of openfire, but it kept letting me know it was available. doh.

The reason for the continued notification is the current version is a patch upgrade to deal with upgrade errors. When the 3.6.0a version was built the internal number was not changed. This is causing the issue. THis will go away with version 3.6.1.

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