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Browser based messenger

We would like to build browser based messenger.

There are 2 approaches for this.

  1. LiveJabber which is browser based messenger(with ajax). LiveJabber is hosted on the application server. The client sends HTTP request to application server. The app server would then create an XMPPConnection instance per client and talks on the clients behalf to the wildfire server.

  2. Sparkweb Plugin on the wildfire server end. Here the client sends HTTP request to the Wildfire plugin directly.

The 1st approach may have some limitations like the number of ports that the application server can open to the wildfire server for communication.

What is the best way to go about implementing the browser based messenger.

Also we have the spark client already available and is there any way to reuse it for web based msn.

Can anyone advice which one is the good approach to proceed.



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Recently I install to test the Red5 plugin, and it comes with JWChat. It works fine for me at the moment.