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Browser based voice chat

Hi all…

I am developing a browser based IM using XIFF + openfire as my college project. I need to have voice chat also in it.

So far, I am successfull with text messaging. And everything is going good. But now, I dont see a way around to include voice chat in my project. Does anyone know how to enable voice chat through browser?? Currently sparkweb is not providing voice chat feature. I have seen gmail voice chat on browser but that needs a plugin to download. Can we extend XIFF to provide voice chat. Is there any work in progress in this direction?

Thanks for the guidance…

Voice is of course not natively supported by XMPP. You may want to look into the Red5 integration with Openfire and use it out-of-band. Another option would be Flash Media Server. I know people have done it with Red5, but not sure about the latter.

After exploring a bit I found the way out. Yes, Red5 plugin of openfire is a good solution. In fact, modified SparkWeb with voice feature is bundled with Red5 plugin. Thanks to red5 team.

But still there is a drawback. Though, we can make voice calls but every media packet reaches to the other user via red5 server. Which consumes too much bandwidth of server. This could be solved by making voice call P2P. But that is not possible today. Flash team has launched FLASH 10 with inbuilt P2P feature but there is no media server which can actually facilitate this kind of communication. Upcoming Flash Media Server (FMS) might support this feature by using new protocol RTMFP. Let’s see when it hits market.