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Buddy icons does not refresh/do not show

Hi, everyone,

I am using openfire im gateway via ichat. Everything’s fine, except the buddy icons. Theu either do not show up(most of them- just a light bulb), or the buddy icon gathered always stays, that never change. Is there a solution for this? I’ve looked elsewhere but could not find anything.

Sorry for my English, that’s not my native language.

Any help appreciated.


I too am having issues with this. Buddy Icons have become standard across all platforms and almost all IM Services. Why is it then that the IM Gateways cannot seem to handle the buddy icon issue?

I think you should specify the client you use. Because this is mostly could be the client issue. I use IM Gateway with Spark and i see avatar icons changes in my MSN or ICQ contacts.

You are absolutely right, I should have specified that, shouldn’t I have ?

Anyways, I am using the Yahoo Gateway.


I got the same problem. I uses IM Gateway (MSN transport) with iChat. I don’t get my contacts buddy icons I just sees a light bulb as theirs icons.

Any idées?

I also have this problem. I am using the MSN transport and I cannot see any avatars and some smileys… but people can see my avatar.

I am using iChat 4.0.7 in Leopard (10.5.6) with Openfire 3.6.3 and IM Gateway 1.2.4d.

Is this a problem with iChat or the IM Gateway plugin or something below? Any suggestions?

Btw is it possible to send nudges? In Adium I would use /nudge…

I can receive nudges (via a text message saying “You have received an MSN nudge.”) but is it possible to associate a sound with this?



I just wanted to add that I have the same issue with iChat 4.0.7 on OS X 10.5.6. I am running OpenFire 3.6.3 and the IM Gateway 1.2.4d. I cannot see buddy icons using the MSN gateway… just get the standard light bulb.

Any help would be appreciated.