Buddy list not downloaded

I am testing out Wildfire and Spark. The server/client worked well for the last 20 days (thank you to all that developed it).

Today, suddenly, a user is having trouble seeing other users (other users cannot see him also).

He is signed on with a the latest Spark client, others are the same. However, if he signs on with iChat everything works well. On the Admin console, I can see that he is connected.

I tried upgrading the server to 2.5.1 and restarting computer, but did not help. I am using ldap login so cannot delete and recreate user.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can try or any other information I can provide.

Thank you.

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Anything on error logs?

Nothing of interest.

I think I narrowed the problem down to Spark because when the user uses anything else (right now GAIM), it works fine. I’'ll wait for the new version of Spark to come out before making a posting there.