Buffer overflow causes all users to disconnect


I run a Openfire network, with SparkWeb as a client. Some of my users have discovered (and are exploiting!) a buffer overflow vulnerability in SparkWeb which allows them to terminate the connections of all SparkWeb users by changing their statuses to, and I quote, ``10e+8 questionmarks’’.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely irritating for users and my admin team, and I’d like to be able to stop this. We can’t easily selectively ban users, unless someone wants to construct the LDAP query strings for that…



HI Sparkweb Developer Team,

Is there an solution to the problem (or) can you please tell me whether, this kind of problem is fixed earlier or is it still open.

Kindly reply back ASAP.

Waiting eagerly for your response.

This is probably not fixed and most probably won’t be fixed. At least in the general SparkWeb version, as it is not developed anymore. Maybe later there will be some custom SparkWeb version, but i can’t say anythibg specific about that. Depends on volunteer developers…