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Bug: automatic disconnects after 30 min idle activit(wildfire 2.5/xiff 2.0)

hi, i’'ve started dev. using wildfire 2.5/xiff 2.0.0b4

even with wildfire 2.50 setting “Kick users after they have been idle for …”

set to 120 min etc… users are disconnected after 30 min. of idle acitivity

don’‘t know if it’'s a bug in wildfire or xiff or both.

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same problem here…

My code was working well using my old jive version and since I updated to WildFire, I discovered a few problems (due to WildFire):

-Same disconnection problem (30mn idle, whatever the value is set to, even if unselected kick idle user. Doesn’'t happen if writing)

-TLS s2s connections problems: makes my computer use 100% of my processor. When I uncheck the default settings to say NO to TLS, all seem all right but the idle disconnection.

I’'ll write this message to WildFire forum too in order them to fix it.


Anybody knows when it will be fix ?

As of 2.5.1 version, issue persists.

If no update is made in WildFire, I’'ll add some code to send presence every 25mn without activity in order to keep the connection alive!

I hope Wildfire 2.5.2 will fix it, but not sure of this!

A small client side fix using XIFF:

I put this code portion in the main file of XIFFIAN to see if it works

var presenceTimer;

function endPresenceTimer(){


//Here I send the presence selected by the user



presenceTimer = setInterval(endPresenceTimer,1500000); //Retry every 25mn


and it works, it simulates activity to make the connection persistent…

I hope this fix will be soon useless, with next wildfire version…