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BUG: (blocker) Active Directory - LDAP doesn''t work for some sites

Please view this thread for background:


Many sites with Active Directory will have users’’ displayName entered into the database with a comma (Lastname, Firstname). This comma gets backslash-escaped and then the userDN gets quoted. Wildfire 2.6.2 code does not handle this correctly when adding userDN to baseDN and no such user would be able to log in, even though everything else is set up correctly for Active Directory. Users without this comma in their displayName are able to log in with no problems at the same site.


Okay, if you read that other thread you’'ll see I figured out it was not the comma causing the problem, but the presence of a forward slash in my cn, displayName, and/or name. This is still very much a problem for any sites that may use a forward slash in naming their users. At our site, for example, which is only one part of a large corporation, we added “Engineering/Techonology” (with a forward slash, see?) to our user displayName so we could differentiate our users more easily when browsing contacts in Outlook.

The bug is quite legitimate and my description of it is still perfectly correct. It just is not the comma that causes the double-quotes around userDN, it is the forward slash.

Will some Wildfire developer please acknowledge this bug? I first started posting about this issue over two weeks ago and got my first (incorrect) response only in the last 24 hours.


you can track the issue here: JM-695


Thank you!